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  • This year it was a true blessing, to attend the academy. I made many new friends ,and met up with some old ones. I also got to do what I like to do best, which is worship the Lord in song. I can hardly wait until next year.  Kayla Cowan
  • This school is such a blessing. I've really enjoyed this year as well as the other years I've been here. It's an amazing week to be with people who not only love to sing, but love to praise the lord as well. Along with that, I've made many friends these past years and I can't wait to see you all next year! God Bless! ~morgan vantrease~
  • I would like to say how much I enjoyed the school. Thanks for allowing me to teach drums. I look forward to next year. Russell Dunn
  • I think that it was wonderful calling out to our Lord Jesus Christ. When people watch this video they think oh well they are just that good, it isn't that easy there is know telling how many time we started and stopped to try to get together. If it weren't for Mr. Bobby Bradley we wouldn't have been that good. Thank you Mr. Bobby! I'm also glad that we can pray and worship him everyday. We here of people getting saved every year and we got to this year and that's good but, lets keep all the people who were down and praying in our prayers. Hope to see everyone next year!!! Lauren Pedigo :)
  • Hey everyone this is Kayla Jackson! i'd like to tell everyone that Do,Re,Mi Gospel Music Academy has been the best thing that has happened in my life. You get to sing with all your friends and you might even get saved, its a big blessing for me to be able to go every year. And you have fun and you get to let everything out and done let that embarrass you because if you cry we will cry with you. If you are praying on your hands and knees begging got to save your soul well man you know that we'll be right down there beside of ya! So just remember this is a good school! I loved it the first year i came here and you will to! And you might not have many friends, but you can make them here! And just always keep the Lord in you and god things will happen! Thank you Do,Re,Mi! -Kayla Jackson
  • Hello, All I am looking forward to the 09 school . this is a blessed week for me getting to help the bass singers.I love the spirit of the lord is in the school. May GOD bless you all. Russell Dunn
  • a BIG HELLO TO ALL , just a note to say thank you for your prayers, cards, e mails, phone calls, visits, and gifts during my surgery and rehab. I am improving each day, although it will take a yr. according to my Dr. to return fully. I want each to know Im thankful for you and your prayers. My family and I are blessed!!! Let us all be prayerful for each other encouraging each other to fully do Gods Will. Im excited about our 2009 session of THE DO RE MI GOSPEL MUSIC ACADEMY. PLEASE PRAY NOW THAT GOD WILL BE WITH US!!! The Academy will be offering some brand new programs, among which are the following: A KIDS BEGINNER CLASS; AN ADULT BEGINNER CLASS; AN INTRODUCTION TO SACRED HARP MUSIC; AN ADVANCED CONDUCTING CLASS; Look forward to seeing you at our 2009 session. Again, many THANK YOUS and God Bless, Keep on Singing for our Lord!, Poppa Key. 
  • Greetings to all of God's People! This was a wonderful week, and one my family enjoyed very much. The students of my class seemed more attuned to learning and participating in the lecture part and lab part of each class. Mr. Elijah Dillehay did an outstanding job as the Student Conductor of the 203 Advance Class Ensemble. I've had many compliments on the song they sung, so next year it will be in the new Leoma Song Book, "REACH OUT."
    The Song Writing Class did a superb job. and we now have three songs that we hope to get all published for next year.
    The school is getting better and better each year, and keeps growing musically and spiritually. May God continue to be our focus and may He bless the efforts of everyone at the DoReMi Gospel Music Academy.
    In His Service,B. L. Reid, D.Ph.
  • While this year had it's share of trials, I have to admit I felt like I could say, sorta like Joseph of old, what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good. And of course, God always wins. This was in so many ways for me the best year yet. I saw things accomplished this year that had been in the works for all 7 years, and I saw growth in so many of the students, not just from years past, but just during the week this year. How I wish all Christian parents could get a glimpse of the return you get from sending your kids to this kind of camp. The rewards are far more long reaching than any other kind of camp, and the lessons truly fit you for eternity, not just a few years of ball or band. And it's twice as much fun!!!!
    The time I spend working with this group every year is some of the most rewarding, spiritually, emotionally, and I believe, eternally that I have ever known. It's like being in the best revival and the best camp all at the same time. I truly leave with a renewed desire to serve the Lord fully and with my faith stronger than ever each year. I know it has made a change in me, and in my children, and I believe it has in every one who attends or works there. God bless those who make it happen, and those who keep it alive.
  • I couldn't even begin to tell all the blessings we've received through our association with singing schools, and especially DoReMi. It's now a family affair and it is hard to say which of us enjoys it more. We've made friends from several counties and states that we would not have known otherwise. We've heard testimonies from young and old alike that enrich our lives, and we've all learned so much. "Singing School" is the best "camp" possible, enriching students spiritually, educationally, and socially. It's made a huge impact on my children, and even on my husband and me. Thank you to all that work in any way to make it happen.  Vickie Troutt
  • Hello, everyone. Let me say first what a distinct honor and privilege it is to have the opportunity to work with all of you at Do Re Mi. I consider it one of the greatest blessings I receive each year to be a part of this great work that God is doing in and through each one of us. I look forward to next year and every other year, for as long as God allows me to return.  Also, I want to let everyone know how proud they should be of our new teacher training program (S.T.A.R.T.) and how proud we should be of the students in the program. As director of the Leoma School of Gospel Music this year, I invited these students to come join with us this week and to assist our teachers in the school. Five students accepted the invitation, (though others had desired to so so but were unable to arrange it.) Lesley Burton, Elijah Dillehay, Seth Gregory, Jaimee Troutt, and Anna Laura Williams came to Lawrenceburg and, I hope, had a wonderful time. I assigned them each to teachers who allowed them to assist in class activities, teach daily review sessions, and also present new lessons of varying lengths and on varying subject matter. I also gave each student (minus one who had to leave early) the opportunity to lead an assembly session. Our LSGM students and teachers LOVED having these fine young people there to assist in the classrooms. I can only hope that they received as much from the experience as they contributed to our school.  I ask everyone to join me in praying for Do Re Mi, the S.T.A.R.T. program, and this first round of students. These are the people who will perpetuate our way of worship through song. These are our future: both for our church music and for our churches' lay ministries in general. What a blessing and privilege it is to have some small part in guiding them along their way. Thank you, Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy.  Sincerely, Robert Bradley
  • Every year I look forward to Do Re Mi all year. Then it passes so quickly that I cannot believe it is over. Each year there are people I see that I only have the opportunity to see them at Do Re Mi. Too often the week passes without me having the time to spend with them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every teacher and faculty member who makes the time to work with us. You all have amazing talents and it is so great that you are willing to share them with us all. Next I want to thank all the students who come and work so hard to do your best for God. If it were not for you there would not be a Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy. I hope you are taking what you have learned and using it in your churches and communities. I look forward to seeing you again.  Heather Dillard
  • I love to sing. There is not much things in life that are better than meeting together with people that know how to harmonize in the 4 part harmonies and sing praise to the Lord. Especially, when you can feel the presence of the Lord while you sing. I love it. It brings me great Joy.   We have a great opportunity to positively influence kids and teens. There is so much out there that pulls for the attention of our young people. I hope seeds are planted and that people's lives are affected and they will always want to "do their best for God."  I wish I could be more involved throughout the year with the school.   I love this work. May God keep us humble and may he use us for his purpose.  To all, may God Richly Bless you, and mold you into the tool that he intends for you, that he may be glorified through your obedience.  Jimmy Christian
  • Greetings to all! This is the one week of the year, that I enjoy everyday I work! If only I could do this the other 51 weeks of the year! I am thankful, for the success that God gave us all, and for the students of my class who were recognized by winning the Memorial Trophy. To God be the Glory, for the great things HE has done through us all. The students of the Advance Class 202 worked very hard, and they deserve the accolades of all who heard them. The Song Writing Class was very successful, and again the students are the reason for the success. Including one private student, (Catherine Pedigo), four songs were written this year! This is a first for Do Re Mi, and a great accomplishment!  I am looking forward to next year, and both Nathan and James-Isaac are sure THEIR class will win! (Dad can't afford to slack up!) God bless you all, everyone! B.L.Reid
  • I thought this was our best year yet. I can't wait to return next year to teach. :)Kendra Miller
  • Dear Friends,  Thanks to all who prayed, came and helped us in any way with this 2006 National Gospel Singing Convention. We had a very good crowd from across the Nation, and a Great Spirit with us from God at the NGSC. I noticed some folks there from DoReMi, but I was unable to tell you all personally, how much I appreciate your presence.   Our family is looking forward to the 2007 DoReMi session, and know it will be here real soon! May God Bless you all, everyone! The Reid Family Singers!
  • Just a note to each and everyone at the Academy. May the Lord bless you all for your efforts. As a parent I can think of very few things better than a week at Do Re Mi for my children. We have no real worries about sending our kids to some sports or band camp, why not send them to a place with christian values and principals and music are being taught. Like Wally Fowler used to say, "May the Lord Bless You Real Good", and thank you for all you do. Mark Pedigo
  • hey yall this is skyler tucker i had a great time this year made some new friends. can't wait till  next year.  hope everybody comes [chasney, lexie, sandy, jeslyn, junior] love yall skyler
  • Hello Everyone!  I first want to say it was an absolutely wonderful year at Do-Re-Mi this year and it was a blessing to be there.  Secondly I opened this page and it honored and humbled me to see people mentioning me about me being the Student Director for Dr. Byron L. Ried's class. Thank y'all so much for the words of encouragement.  I am looking forward to the next time we all get together again.  Dale Meador, our teacher for mandolin, banjo and other sting instruments, has a radio program on WLCT 102.1FM from 5:30-9:00AM Monday thru Friday. Call Dale at 666-3000 any morning and tell him how much we all enjoyed having him with us this year. His bluegrass playing is very good, and he even likes to eat possum once a year. But call him and remind him about DOREMI, and listen to his program.   God Bless, Seth K. Gregory
  • Do Re Mi was absolutely wonderful this year! It is such a great time for our family every year. This was my vacation and I cannot think of one place in the world I had rather be. Dr. Reid did a wonderful job teaching the Advanced Class. Seth Gregory did an outstanding job directing our song on Closing Night. I thought the 18+ Character Training Classes went well. The students were the best group of young people we have ever had. They were so well behaved and respectful. It was very encouraging. It was great to see Kelly McClard there. His grandfather, W.T. Gross was the man, along with our piano teacher, Mrs. Annice Jones who encouraged Carolyn and me in gospel music when we were young girls. Weren't we blessed with fantastic weather? The only problems I saw were the food was not too good and Bro. Jackie Dillehay did not get to come. We certainly missed him.  May God continue to bless Do Re Mi and our students. May they go back and put what they have learned to use in the church services. I was encouraged by Amber Carrington's e-mail. Thank God for saving souls!  Didn't the faculty sound fantastic? How about the band?   Ruth D. Green
  • Just had to write a note and share with all of you that were anyway a part of this year's singing school, a special "Thank You" for your efforts.  What a humbling experience to have the opportunity to teach and learn in such a Godly environment! To see everyone improve daily in their musical ability, and the wonderful assemblies, and the interaction with all of you is something that Jeff and I will forever treasure and remember as so special!  A special thank you to Byron Reid, that offered our Seth the opportunity to direct the advanced class piece for closing night, it showed new areas of musical talents we had not yet seen before. He is still on a cloud from the school as well and has gone to Cumberland Valley this week and next and is sharing with them all the good things that happened at the Do Re Mi school last week. We hope they will have a blessed 2 weeks as well as all the singing schools that teach and try to preserve this wonderful type of music we all so love.  I do hope that by next year we have our own facility although Cumberland University has much to offer, a freedom we have not yet had would finally be made known to us all.   Jeff, Seth and I love each and everyone involved in our Do Re Mi school, and look forward to next year!!!  Ms Janice Gregory
  • Thanks to everyone at DOREMI GSA for a great year. Since the first school five years ago, (that long already?), every year gets better. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach, and to help the advanced students write new songs each year. Even James-Isaac was happy that HIS CLASS WON! (Sorry Heather and Kris, like me you are just the teachers!) I am thankful for what Cumberland University does for us, (providing a place), but look forward to the day we will have our own campus. I am thankful for the Spirit of God that I feel and witness during the school. My students this year were great, willing to work hard, and always, "pushing the envelope" to do more that before at the Advance level. I thought Seth Gregory did an outstanding job as student director for the advance class ensemble. I am already looking forward to next year, and planning to be back.  I want you all to please remember the 71st NATIONAL GOSPEL SINGING CONVENTION, 17th/18th November, 2006, First Baptist Church, Lawrenceburg, TN. As this years' President, I want to invite everyone of you to come and be present. Pray for our Convention, show up to help sing, (#4 'Joy' in the Leoma Book is our theme song), and help us with ads or any other donations you may feel lead to do.   God bless you all, everyone.  Byron L. Reid, D.Ph. 
  • Hello Altos, and everyone else of course. HaHa! You can't ever have to much alto, right? Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this years school a great success. Those who were there know what a blessing it was to my family. Two of my cousins kids were saved along with others and both my boys were there again. We missed Jackie, but maybe next year things will be different. I want to encourage everyone to work hard and pray harder about our building.  Just think what it would be like to do this again next year with better food and our own space to do as the Lord leads. It's great already and having our own place could only improve it. Maybe some fund raisers could be organized during the fall and winter months. Think about it and let someone know if you have any ideas. I love you all and miss you already. Can't wait till next year! Christy Dillehay
  • Well, it was a week rife with blessings, and I feel very fortunate and proud to have been allowed to be a part of it. All of the students did an exceptional job, and the singing was just tremendous...if things continue to improve, we can go on tour. HAHA! Thank you to the Board of Directors for allowing me to participate on the faculty; thank you to the parents for entrusting your children to us for the week--they were a real joy; thank you to the faculty for making me feel so welcome and dear even though we only meet a couple of times a year; and, thank you to my students for being so attentive and hard-working--you did tremendous work, and I am very proud of you. If anyone would like to contact me, please do so--I love emails that aren't "spam".   My email is God bless you all, and I hope, as God is willing, to see you next year or sooner. Love in Christ, Bob Bradley
  • This was my first year participating in the Academy and I must say that I have truly been blessed this week. My hope is that many, many more lives will be touched by the good work of this ministry and that the name of Jesus will be lifted up so that He may draw all unto Him. May God bless you, Bro. Key, and all of the workers in this vineyard of the Lord. I encourage anyone that reads this to pray for this work and it's workers. And if you get a chance, to be at next years session. I hope to see you then.  God Bless You, Mike Donnell
  • HI people, this is Amber Carrington! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but that is okay!! I just wanted to say that Do Re Mi has been the biggest blessing in my life. Spending time with my sisters and brothers in Christ is one of my favorite hobbies. I have met some people that have the power to witness the glory of God, and they are my encouragement to witness everyday!!! I cannot wait till the next camp!! I know it will be the biggest blessing! I love y'all so much, and even when I am old and gray I will still be going to Do Re Mi! Thank You for everything!     Amber Carrington!
  • A special "Thank You" to all of the Do Re Mi Ambassadors, and the Do Re Mi Boys for their participation and the fabulous job all of you have done to represent our Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy. Both your singing and your great level of respect and fine behavior as young ladies and gentlemen make our job a joy to work with you all. Jeff and I consider it and honor and privilege to work with Key in this endeavor, and we look forward to each and every time we are together in song and fellowship.
    We love all of you!!!     Jeff and Ms. Janice
  • I want to let everyone know how good the singing at Pleasant Hill General Baptist Church was last night.    I really enjoyed the singing and got a great spiritual blessing!!  It was good to see a full and packed house.  All the singing was good but I especially enjoyed the Do Re Mi Boys! I am very proud of them and hope everyone will encourage them. Our school was very well represented and very well received.  Many "thanks" to Jeff Gregory and Pleasant Hill for having the singing and for the offering of over $300 they took up for us. The Spirit of  the Lord  was with us at the singing and that was the best part of all.  JUST A REMINDER:  NOW is a good time to make you plans and arrangements to be at DO RE MI this summer.  Clear your schedule, start dropping change in the cookie jar & invite some friends!  Barry Witcher
  • I am happy to see the feedback page on here. Good stuff. My continued prayers and support for you.  Brad Taylor
  • Hello to everyone at Do Re Mi, I would like to say that I had an absolutely wonderful time singing with the quartet at the Tennessee State Singing Convention. I am so glad we got to sing there for all those people to show what Do Re Mi has done for us. I would also like to thank all the people who supported us when we went to sing there, and also those who encouraged us when and after we sang. A great thanks to Key, and my Mom and Dad, for their help, coaching, and continuing encouragement. A BIG thanks to Kathy Perkins Stover and the officers for such a wonderful singing, it was such a blessing to be there. Yours in Christ, Seth Gregory of the Do Re Mi Boys
  • How marvelous to hear about what you are doing.!!! I am a former employee of the Stamps-Baxter Music Company which for many years was in Dallas, Texas and also of the Stamps Quartet Music Company, which also was in Dallas. I sang with the last quartet Mr. Frank Stamps had on radio station KRLD here in Dallas and co-authored one song with the co-founder of the Stamps-Baxter Music Company, Mr. V.O. Stamps. I attended the Stamps Schools in Dallas as a teenager and later was active in the schools as an employee.  I look forward to hearing more great things about your school in the future, and you can be assured I will be praying for God's blessings to continue with you. Al Matthews
  • hey everybody!! I had a really great time this year at do re mi...even if i did bust open my leg.well i get my stitches taken out on thursday june 16, leg really itches!!i cant wait till next year!!hope to see all of yall!!!!!0oh yea bu the way this is chasney mcclard...if yall didnt already know!bye!!!!
  • i dont know who this message is going to, but whoever it is has part in do re mi. i wanted to say that i love that camp and get so much of a blessing out of it. it is great. i think that camp is such a great experience for some and such a great revival for others, like myself. i know i just left it, but i cant wait until next year. thanks for helping make it work.  Thanks again, Taylor Holland
  • I think this year's session of Do Re Mi was one of the best we have ever had. I feel so fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful work. When I think back to the week of June 5th I have mixed emotions. I am filled with joy at the memory of all the many blessings and sadness at knowing it is over. But I am already starting to plan for next year. I cannot wait to be with everyone again. I hope that the wonderful spirit felt will carry over to each of your churches and that we will hear stories of God working in each of your lives. God Bless you all. Heather Green
  • I loved this year's session of Do Re Mi, it was great! And it was truly a blessing to come. I hope everyone got as much of an uplifting and blessing as I did! I was so glad to be there and the fellowship was great! I had a wonderful time. The character words had an impact on everyone I think. I know they did on me! On behalf of the Do Re Mi Boys I want to thank everyone for the love and support and help for us to get this group started. We have all been blessed to sing at different places and at the school. And we thank the academy for helping us to get started off. And a special thanks goes to Bro. Key. Whenever we can find the time from all of our busy schedules call us up and we will be glad to sing anywhere. We also would like to thank 2 of our teachers Mr Jeff and Mrs Janice Gregory for helping us along the way. I guess that's all I have to say! Thanks and God Bless everyone! Sincerely, Zach West and the Do Re Mi Boys (Seth Gregory, Elijah and Seth Dillehay)