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Time until the Academy

And we want YOU!!!!


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We are excited to announce a
 new music wellness program at Do Re Mi !

Join us June 3, 2018 and lets get in SHAPE!

Singing in Harmony And Pursuing Excellence !


A program of intensive study for ages 13 and up beginning June 3 and continuing for TWO WEEKS

Ages 13 and up can register for a two week program on June 3, 2018 that will include classroom study, specialized group sessions and a lot of Singing in Harmony And Pursuing Excellence!  Private lessons including piano lab, acoustic instruments and vocal training are offered.  

Classes for Songbirds, Sparrows and ages from 3 to 103 will begin on Monday, June 11, 2018. 


To show our love and appreciation to our Veterans!
VETERANS ATTEND DO RE MI PROGRAMS FREE IN 2018.  private lessons not included.  
To register,  COPY the 2018 registration page, FILL IT OUT, make a copy of your DD214 showing your Honorable Discharge from the service and MAIL all TO THE ADDRESS ON THE DO RE MI REGISTRATION FORM. 


Click the photo below for pictures of the 2017 Academy week

The Do Re Mi River Retreat


275 Cedar Bluff Road
Hartsville, TN 37074

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Here is a sample from the 2016 CD.  To order a CD click HERE.

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

We are updating our alumni list.  Please click HERE to update your contact info.


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The Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc. operates for the glory and honor of God. The mission is to teach students of all ages to sing Godís music and  play various musical instruments to the best of their ability.  Passed on to the present generation from our forefathers, the shape note method of music reading is used.  The name Do Re Mi represents the seven note syllables of the scale:  Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do.

The purpose of Do Re Mi is to educate, promote and preserve the rich heritage of shape note gospel music utilizing  our theme, "Doing our best for God." Our emphasis is improvement of church music.  We strive to daily follow the spirit of God.  Individuals, special groups (quartets, trios, etc.), as well as entire Church choirs, can improve their performance of gospel  music through the educational offerings of the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc.  Private lessons assist the beginner and improve performances of the most advanced musician.  Acoustical instrument training is offered, and Bluegrass Gospel is featured.

The core values of the Do Re Mi Gospel Music Academy, Inc. include education, promotion and preservation of shape note gospel music.  We highly value honoring and glorifying God, seeking and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, encouraging while never discouraging,  winning the lost to Christ, developing and  maintaining Christian family values while developing new friendships and maintaining old ones.

Browse through our website.   If you need additional assistance, send us an e-mail. If you cannot attend the sessions, please pray for our efforts.